What We Do

Rapid access to professional, specialist physiotherapy.

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Every new enquiry for our services is addressed as a priority and you will be offered rapid access to an initial assessment often within days. No lengthy wait to obtain diagnosis and treatment of your condition and you will see the same expert clinician throughout your care. You do not need a referral from your GP/Consultant to see us but with your consent we will communicate your progress to appropriate healthcare professionals.

Detailed assessment of your condition, diagnosis and treatment.


Each new consultation begins with our expert clinician taking a careful history of your condition. This provides you time and opportunity to fully discuss your condition, symptoms and expectations from treatment. This is a very important part of examination and you shouldn’t feel rushed.
We then proceed to a detailed physical assessment of your condition using the most evidence based assessment techniques and movement profiling analysis.

Together with the information you provided us we formulate a targeted treatment plan for your condition and discuss clear, concise information on diagnosis, prognosis and timescale to recovery.

Comprehensive online exercise plan and self-management advice.

Alongside the treatment you receive in clinic you will receive a home exercise programme/strength & conditioning plan designed using leading exercise software. This online service ensures you are confident you are performing exercises correctly and what to expect.
We regularly re-assess your progress and use this information to assess your recovery and advance your exercise programme and activity levels.

Facilitate recovery back to an active lifestyle or sport.

Injuries are opportunities – we aim to return you to an improved level of lifestyle function or sport performance!
As your condition improves we plan for discharge and provide you with an ongoing plan of self-management exercises and advice to reduce the risk of recurrence. At this stage you may not be experiencing pain but this is known to be a poor indicator of whether your problem may return.
Using our advanced movement analysis skills we programme rehabilitation to take you beyond your functional requirements to reduce risk of recurrence and enhance performance.

Your GP, Consultant or other healthcare providers will receive full details of your treatment under our care with your consent.