Specialised Golf Performance Clinic

one man golfer golfing golf swing in silhouette studio isolated on white backgroundWe have provided highly specialist assessment and treatment to golfers of all standards for 15 years.  Andrew has worked with players from the European Tour, Challenge Tour, PGA Euro-Pro Tour, Jamega Tour, MENA Tour, Alps Tour, LET Access Tour and many Regional PGA Professionals. We are fortunate to work with some highly skilled golfers who travel from locations such as Liverpool and Brighton to access our services.

We also work with many junior and adult recreational golfers of all standards to achieve enhanced golf performance and reduced injury risk.

Services we provide

  • Golf specific movement profiling – detailed movement analysis to discover the physical limitations associated with common patterns of movement dysfunction in your golf swing and associated to higher injury risk.
  • Golf specific strength & conditioning programmes – receive an individually specific exercise plan which helps you achieve your objectives. We don’t provide generic strength & conditioning programmes.  Each exercise programme is designed based upon the results of your golf specific movement profiling.  We recognise that each golfer has individually specific aims and requirements.
  • Golf specific movement drills – on range techniques which you use to develop correct ‘feel’ during your golf swing. It isn’t all about the gym!
  • 3-D Biomechanics analysis  – we regularly work with leading golf biomechanist Mark Bull.  Mark is a renowned expert in golf biomechanics and works with many leading tour players and national development squads.  Together we can assess and analyse every aspect of movement in your golf swing , design a specific and targeted exercise and technical devlopment plan and liase with your current coach or advise appropriate leading golf coaches in your region.
  • Footwear advice – your foot is the only point of contact with the ground throughout your golf swing and provides important feedback on your movement. Correct golf shoe prescription provides both function and comfort.
  • Injury assessment and treatment – if you do sustain injury we can expertly treat your symptoms and return you to golf participation safely and efficiently whilst reducing your risk of injury recurrence and improving movement in your swing!
  • Podiatry referral – where appropriate we can assess your suitability for custom fitted orthotics and refer you to our partners at Chase Podiatry for orthotic assessment and prescription.
  • Sports nutrition referral – where appropriate we can refer you for consultation with our in-house sports nutritionist Ryan Bristow. Ryan is ISSN qualified and has an MSc in Sports Nutrition. Nutrition and Hydration during training and out on the course is important!

Andrew works alongside many PGA coaches and their players throughout the UK providing the specialist services outlined above. We work with local players from Midlands Performance Golf Academy, Staffordshire Union of Golfers, Staffordshire County Golf Partnership, Warwickshire Golf, Shropshire County Golf Partnership and many more…… All information will be forwarded to your golf coach to provide transparent and effective communication.

He has been fortunate to be educated by world leaders in golf physiotherapy and strength & conditioning and is now regarded as an expert in the field of athletic development for golf.  Andrew now educates future PGA professional and Birmingham University AGMS golf coaches at The PGA National Training Academy on athletic golf performance and is invited to speak at national conferences such as Therapy Expo and The PGA National Conference.

Andrew spends most of his time improving the game of others which he finds highly rewarding but occasionally still finds the time for the occasional round himself!