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We have provided assessment and treatment to runners of all standards for 20 years including clients such as UK Athletics, England Athletics and Loughborough University. We regularly consult elite national/international standard athletes and many adult recreational runners.

We take the same detailed approach to all our clients’ needs.

Active Therapy is a specialised clinic of The Running Clinic who are world leaders in the field of injury risk reduction and treatment of running injury. We have completed intensive training over several years and we are experts in running injury assessment and treatment. We have a high level of clinical competence and serve as a reference to other health professionals and contribute to advancing knowledge through scientific research and education. Andrew is also the business development co-ordinator and tutor for the UK.

We provide

  • Gait analysis – full, clinical standard gait analysis using advanced assessment techniques and motion analysis software. You will receive a fully annotated and narrated video file of your gait analysis session.
  • Assessment and treatment of running injuries – if you are injured we provide expert assessment and treatment of your condition and return you to training safely and efficiently
  • Footwear advice and prescription – we can advise on the most suitable type of footwear for you and in conjunction with our partners at Running Form offer a professional shoe fit service.
  • Running technique re-education – we provide running re-education coaching based on the most evidence based techniques. This can reduced your risk of injury and improve performance. You will receive a fully annotated and narrated video file of your running re-education session.
  • Strength & conditioning programmes – we provide individually specific exercise programmes based on the latest evidence which translate to reduced injury risk and improved running performance.
  • Exercise physiology referral – where appropriate we can refer you to our partners at Sports Test based in Penkridge. Dr Garry Palmar is a leader in his field and provides exercise physiology testing and training load programming for runners, cyclists and triathletes of all standards throughout the UK.
  • Podiatry referral – where appropriate we can assess your suitability for custom fitted orthotics and refer you to our partners at Chase Podiatry for orthotic assessment and prescription.
  • Sports nutrition referral – where appropriate we can refer you for consultation with our in-house sports nutritionist Ryan Bristow. Ryan is ISSN qualified and has an MSc in Sports Nutrition.

With your consent all appropriate information can be discussed with your coach and/or other healthcare/health & fitness professionals.

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