Specialist Consultation

At Active Therapy we thrive on the daily challenge of helping people to recover and assisting their return to an active lifestyle or sport.

However some clients we treat have been referred to us because they are reporting persistent, recurrent or complex conditions which have been unresponsive to treatment so far.

We have a reputation of achieving successful treatment outcomes for patients with persistent, recurrent or complex conditions.  Andrew often receives referrals from consultants and GP’s when clients have failed to respond to treatment to date or present with complex musculo-skeletal conditions.  We see many patients from throughout the Midlands region but patients have also travelled from Scotland, North West and South West for assessment and treatment.

Andrew can expertly assess, treat and plan management of your condition and liaise with your GP, consultant or associated health & fitness professional.

An important aspect of our approach is situating you at the centre of your treatment (patient centred care), providing you with clear information on your treatment options and consulting you with regard to your treatment plan.

We motivate and empower you to take control of your condition through active self-management and actively discourage therapist dependence.