Sports Performance

Whether you are an avid amateur sports-person or a professional athlete we have extensive experience providing physiotherapy services to both amateur and elite level athletes. Our expert physiotherapist has managed sports medicine services in professional football, worked with national governing bodies and funded athletes and provided event support for elite athletes.

We can provide performance management services and lead/co-ordinate other members of a multi-disciplinary team delivering services to athletes.

An integral part of your return to sport is a structured, progressive rehabilitation plan.  As your symptoms reduce we focus on reducing risk of injury recurrence and optimised sports performance.

At Active Therapy we use the latest motion and performance analysis techniques to ascertain your current training status. We then provide a detailed report of our findings and recommend individually specific exercise and training plans. Using this approach we aim to return you to your sport with the lowest risk of recurrence and highest levels of performance.

If you are pain free but wish to improve your sports performance or reduce risk of injury we can also assist you. A large proportion of injuries we consult and treat are the result of cumulative overload and could therefore be avoided in many cases through detailed movement analysis and injury risk reduction programming. Be pro-active!
Check out this informative video on mechanical stress quantification by our colleagues at The Running Clinic:

Active Therapy also have access to specialist exercise physiology testing through our partners at and sports nutrition consultation with RB Sports Nutrition.

So if you have a persistent, recurrent sports injury that isn’t responding to treatment or you want to push the envelope on your performances then call us today to discuss your requirements further.