All treatment we provide is supported by the best available evidence, our extensive clinical experience and your own preferences on the appropriate treatment options. We aim to form ‘treatment partnerships’ with all our clients and involve you at each step of the process.

We offer treatment for common conditions such as:

  • Spinal pain – neck, upper and lower back pain, pelvic girdle/sacroiliac pain.
  • Sports injuries – ligament sprain, muscle injury, groin/hip pain, plantar heel pain, etc
  • Joint pain – common sites are knee, ankle, shoulder and elbow
  • Tendon pain – common sites are Achilles, Patella (knee), Elbow, Rotator Cuff (shoulder)
  • Nerve pain – sciatica, carpal tunnel, neck/arm pain
  • Pre and Post-surgical rehab – we will provide full and comprehensive rehabilitation before/after your operation and liaise directly with your consultant surgeon.

Using effective treatment techniques such as:

  • Manual and soft tissue therapy – a wide range of treatment techniques aimed toward improving movement capacity through reduced pain. However we don’t encourage you to be on our treatment couch for too long and we evolve your treatment toward movement and exercise re-education at the earliest opportunity.
  • Sport Specific Strength & Conditioning – we use advanced biomechanical analysis and exercise programming to align your training to exceed the demands of your sports or activities to mitigate injury risk and enhance performance
  • Kinesiology taping – aimed to reduce pain and facilitate improved patterns of movement during rehabilitation.  Andrew is an instructor of this technique for Rocktape UK.
  • Electrotherapy – post operative EMS (electro-muscular stimulation) for pain modulation and muscle stimulation.
  • Rehabilitation – at Active Therapy we emphasise the importance of appropriate exercise/strength & conditioning.  Movement re-education will be a major part of your treatment with us. We provide comprehensive rehabilitation programmes which rehabilitate you toward enhanced function or sports participation after pain, injury or surgery.
  • Patient education – a vital part of your recovery is understanding your condition and how your brain interprets pain and the effects this may have on movement and function. We provide all clients with information on the most effective ways in managing pain and improving function.