Online Consultation

Struggling with an injury? Let us help with an online consultation

Can online consultation help and is it effective?

Can you really assess me without me needing to attend the clinic?

Well the answer to these frequently asked questions is YES !! And there is good evidence to support this ….

Imagine having the option to consult an expert, consultant level physiotherapist with over 23 years experience working in the NHS, private practice and elite sports physiotherapy to diagnose and manage your condition from the comfort of your own home. Travel time and distance are now no longer a barrier to receiving expert assessment and treatment of your condition. We consult patients from all around the UK and Worldwide.

Andrew can also offer second opinions or expert opinion on cases which are complex, recurrent or have failed to respond to management to date.

When working with patients and athletes the key information is often what you tell us rather than the tests we do. We can determine the history of the condition, injury pattern, aggravating activities and/or training habits and optimise them to the right level. A client can describe their symptoms in detail and we can examine movement, explore associated pain and its behaviour to form a diagnosis. As systems have evolved there are tests we can send in advance for a patient to do, or guide them through them within the session.

We can discuss recovery strategies and rehabilitation. We can also provide Strength and conditioning plans you can perform in your own home which are specific to your aims…

We can provide advice on pain management and provide self-treatment techniques and/or involve a significant other in this process. We can also teach you how to self-tape if required.

Online consultation check-in procedure

We use a very professional system which is safe and secure called Our clinic link which you will need to join your online consultation is below

You can use your mobile phone, tablet, laptop or desktop with webcam for the consultation. If you could be in a private area with small area for movement this is all that is required.

Just click the link to check in 5-10 mins before your appointment time, provide your full name and wait in our online waiting room and Andrew will join you at your allocated session time. If you have any difficulties if could call Jo my practice manager she will assist you (07970110526)

Exercise programmes are sent via our online software Physiotec and you can perform these exercises at home. Payment is made by card online (have your card available or via BACS transfer.

In summary, an online video consultation can be a great way to get expert help and form a management plan to get you back to normal life and the sport you love. Most importantly you can actively manage your condition in these challenging times and not waste time.

This also means that when we return to normal life and activity you aren’t lacking fitness, conditioning and strength which can actually pre-dispose to recurrence, persistent symptoms or new injury.

If you’re struggling with pain or injury at the moment don’t grin and bear it!

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